Oct. 21, 1768

Ordinance, issued by the government of the Kingdom of Bohemia [Present-day Czech Republic]: “During the inquisition of a Jew in high court, due to his prohibited wedding on account of his being a third-born son, he claimed ignorance of the patent of October 16, 1726. In order to prevent the Jews from using such lack of knowledge as an excuse, all county officials will ensure the proper proclamation of said patent, since according to Section 6 of the patent, such officials and magistrates who allow the marriage of more than a single son, shall pay, without exception, a fine of 1,000 ducats from their personal monies, to be applied without exception.”
Jaksch, Peter Karl (Ed.). Gesetzeslexikon im Geistlichen, Religions- und Toleranzfache, wie auch in Güter- Stiftungs- Studien- und Zensurssachen für das Königreich Böhmen von 1601 bis Ende 1800. Zweiter Band von E – H (Encyclopedia of Spiritual, Religious and Tolerance Laws, as well as Matters of Goods, Foundations, Education and Censorship, for the Kingdom of Bohemia, from 1601 until the End of 1800. Volume II from E – H). Government Printing Office: Prague, 1828. Page 46. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 2/17/2020