Oct. 27, 1777

Ordinance, issued by Frederick II, King of Prussia, for New Western Pomerania and Rügen [Present-day Germany]: “1. No Jewish families shall be protected or tolerated except for those who have received a signed, special concession from the governor and the royal government. 2. Jews are only allowed to have the following professions: exchange trading; manufacturing, if a special privilege has been granted; moneylending at a maximum of 6% interest; trade in jewels, gold and silver, clocks, horses and cattle, fragrances and soap, old clothes and household utensils. 10. Jews shall not purchase or own any houses.”
Koch, Christian Friedrich. Die Juden im Preussischen Staate (The Jews in the State of Prussia). Baumann: Marienwerder (Prussia), 1833. Page 295. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 4/16/2020