Mar. 28, 1780

Jew-Ordinance, issued by Duke Eugen of Württemberg, for the City of Hochberg [Present-day Germany]: “8. Every protected Jew shall give 15 guilders annually for his protection, to be paid in quarterly installments. Those Jews who do not own a house, shall pay an additional 2 guilders per year. 11. No head of household is allowed to keep more than two Jewish servants, and they need to be one male and one female, each unmarried. House-fathers in violation will be fined 10 thalers. 14. If a protected Jew should move his household, or even just by himself, the protection for his family and servants shall become void. In case of death, however, the widow and her children and servants may stay in this city for another 3 months, after which they will no longer be tolerated, unless a son or son-in-law of the deceased is granted protection before the end of the 3 months, in which case he may take his mother and the other relatives into his own household. 15. No protected Jews may give overnight shelter to foreign Jews without prior official permission, or be guilty of a misdemeanor. 19. If the protected Jews want to have dancing and musicians at their weddings, circumcisions etc., they have to obtain prior permission, under penalty of 5 guilders for every participant in such dance. 21. If the manservant of a protected Jew is found guilty of a crime, he shall be removed immediately from the city, but his house-father, who is responsible for his servant, shall be punished, too.”
Tänzer, P. Die Rechtsgeschichte der Juden in Württemberg 1806-1828 [Legal History of the Jews in Württemberg]. Kohlhammer: Berlin, 1922. Page 87. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/12/2020