Feb. 1, 1791

“Decree” issued by the Senate of Frankfurt [Present-day Germany; Free Imperial City of Frankfurt]: “[…] However, since the aforementioned Jews are not to be permitted to appear as advocates (lawyers) or as assistants of the legal profession in local courts and to be used as litigators or attorneys or to take on the role of solicitors  […] that is why this is to be heeded in the future; [furthermore, they may only appear as a representative of one of their co-religionists, if they have received the proper verbal or written authorization …] and all Jews who appear at the local offices as attorneys are to be informed that if they dare to encroach/exceed the power of attorney given to them, these will be retracted and they will be entirely prohibited to appear as attorneys for their co-religionist in the future altogether […]”
Sammlung der Verordnungen der Reichsstadt Frankfurt von Johnn Conradin Beyerbach. Neunter Theil. (Frankfurt am Mayn; 1799); (Collection of ordinances of the Imperial City of Frankfurt. Part nine.); (Frankfurt am Main; 1799); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/2/2020