ca. 1792

Special tax issued by Francis I [Austria] [Unconfirmed]

Commentary from other sources:
1) “LEIBZOLL (Ger., ‘body tax’), a special tax levied on Jews in Europe. Known under a variety of names – Judengeleit, Leibmauth, Judenzoll, péage corporel, etc. – it was first levied by the three landgraves of Thuringia in 1368, and became more common after the major expulsions of the 15th and 16th centuries…The Leibzoll was known as Leibmauth in Vienna ‘and was introduced not as a financial but as a police measure, to keep away a considerable number of useless Jews, and to supervise their conduct’…By the Toleranzpatent of Joseph II it was abolished (1782), but Joseph reserved the right to exact its equivalent. Ten years later [1792] Francis I introduced the Judenbolleten for the same purposes; it survived until 1848.”
“Leibzoll.” Online article