Oct. 25, 1802

Decree, issued by the City Council of Frankfurt am Main [Present-day Germany]: “Whereas the local Jews, who have been limited by previous orders of the Council, inasmuch as they may represent their clients only in front of mayoral offices and other local bodies of government, have nevertheless signed documents on behalf of their clients in the court of appeal, these local Jews, who concern themselves with legal matters, are hereby ordered to refrain from signing any such documents that are in the purview of the appeals court, and to limit themselves to the exact wording of the power-of-attorney form that the law requires for them, i.e., to only act in matters that concern the mayoral and other municipal offices, but not the City Council or court of appeals.”
Decree regarding rights of the Jews in Frankfurt am Main (1802); Hesse Decrees Collection; AR 25198; Box 1; Folder 7; Leo Baeck Institute. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/9/2020