Mar. 31, 1808

Decree, issued by Jerome I, King of Westphalia [Present-day Germany]: “Art. 14. The marital status of Jews shall be clearly ascertained in front of the mayor or his deputy, beginning on May 1 of this year. […] Art. 15. Within three months from the publication of this decree, all Jews shall add a name to the name under which they are known, which is to become the distinguishing name of their family; they must register this name with the municipality of their residence, and neither they nor their children may change that name without our permission, under penalty of name-falsification. The mayors are to make sure that the Jews will neither adopt any names of cities, nor those of any prominent families.”
Koch, Christian Friedrich. Die Juden im Preussischen Staate (The Jews in the State of Prussia). Baumann: Marienwerder (Prussia), 1833. Page 249. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 4/15/2020