Jan. 19, 1813

Royal “Fine for Truancy” Decree, issued by the Danish Chancellery to the Copenhagen Chief of Police and the Magistrate at Copenhagen [Present-day Denmark]: “Since the Jewish congregation is so small that it can easily be overlooked, We hereby, until a decree on a reorganization of the elementary school system is promulgated here in the city, most firmly decree that Jewish parents, to be named by the representatives or the directors of the Jewish Free School, shall be admonished that if they allow any of their children who are over 6 years old to neglect their school education, either in one of the schools authorized here in the city, or in the Jewish school, and if these parents cannot prove that their children receive appropriate education at home, they shall be subjected to repeated fines of 10 imperial thalers for each contravention; this fine shall be doubled, if it is also discovered that the parents allow their children to go and play truant.”
Cohen, Asser Daniel. De Mosaiske troesbekjenderes stilling i Danmark forhen og nu: historisk fremstillet i et tidsløb af naesten 200 aar, tilligemed alle lovsteder og offentlige foranstaltninger dem angaande, som ere udkomne fra 1651 til 1836. (The position of the Mosaic believers in Denmark, before and now: historically produced over a period of nearly 200 years, as well as all laws and public measures relating to the same which were published from 1651 to 1836). Forfatterens: Odense (Denmark), 1837. Page 316. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 6/29/2020