May 14, 1816

Ordinance, issued by William I, Elector of Hesse [Present-day Germany]: “8. While Jews are subject to all regulations regarding trade associations, they may not form their own trade associations. 11. Jews are permitted to buy houses; however, special permission to own more than one house will only be granted to those Jews who have a major business, such as a factory. Every Jew who wants to buy even a single house, shall obtain our permission first. 13. Any settling or taking in of foreign Jews in our states is forbidden. However, we reserve the right to issue a special dispensation, in special cases.”
Scheel, Friedrich [publ.]. Zusammenstellung der die Israeliten des vorhinnigen Kurfürstenthums Hessen betreffenden gesetzlichen Erlasse (Compilation of Decrees Concerning the Israelites in the State of Hesse). Scheel: Cassel, 1901. Page 3. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 3/16/2020