Feb. 22, 1818

Ordinance, issued by the Royal Government at Berlin [Present-day Germany]: “The elders of the local Jewry are ordered to notify the police-commissariat, from now on, of all children born out of wedlock to Jewish mothers, and to provide the name, status and religion of the fathers, as soon as such a birth has occurred, as well as to make sure that boys born out of wedlock to Jewish mothers will only be circumcised upon prior permission by the police-commissariat. In cases of Jewish births out of wedlock, whenever the father is a Christian, the birth must not be entered into the Jewish birth rosters, and in addition, neither circumcision nor inclusion in the Jewish faith is permissible. Therefore, the police-commissariat may only permit the planned circumcision if a Jew is named as the natural father.”
Michaelis, A. Die Rechtsverhältnisse der Juden in Preußen seit dem Beginne des 19. Jahrhunderts. (The Legal Situation of the Jewry in Prussia since the Beginning of the 19th Century). Lamm: Berlin, 1910. Page 15. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/13/2020