Oct. 1, 1818

Decree, issued by the royal government of Black Forest County, Kingdom of Württemberg [Present-day Germany]: “In the name of the King! It has been noted that the Jewish co-religionists seek to circumvent the prohibition against them buying any real estate unless they work the land themselves and build [a house] on it, engaging in business practices that are a detriment to the King’s subjects, by pretending to act as brokers for those with whom they make these contracts. Such purchases, made in the past, shall remain in the past but nonetheless retain their validity. However, since such contracts, whatever they may be called, result in actual transfer of ownership of real estate, in contravention of royal ordinances, they cannot be tolerated in the future. All royal government offices are therefore ordered to henceforth deny their approval of any contracts by which Jews would acquire real estate for resale, be it that they pretend to act as brokers for the original, Christian owner, for the buyer, or that they induce Christians to make, in their own name, Jewish real estate contracts for sale or resale.”
Mayer, F.F. (ed.). Sammlung der württembergischen Gesetze in Betreff der Israeliten [Collection of Württembergian Laws Regarding the Israelites]. Fues: Tübingen, 1847. Page 21. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/19/2020