Oct. 31, 1823

Ordinance, issued by the state government of Bohemia [Present-day Czech Republic]: “Given the frequent creeping in of Jewish individuals [already] removed from Prague, the state government finds itself compelled to order the Magistrate of Prague, that he shall make known, through the Jewish Community Office, every deportation of a Jew or a Jewess: all homeowners shall be instructed that any homeowners who give shelter to a Jew deported from Prague, shall be dealt with according to the existing ordinances; in which case those legal, official acts shall be effected without delay.”
Herzog, Franz Tobias. Vollständige Sammlung der Gesetze über das Schubwesen im Kaiserthume Oesterreich, 1724-1835 [Complete Collection of the Laws Regarding Deportation, Extradition and Similar Transfers in the Austrian Empire, 1724-1835]. Heubner: Vienna, 1835. Page 290. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 2/15/2020