Sept. 9, 1824

“Law” drafted by the (City Council of) Free City of Frankfurt [Present-day Germany]: “[…] regarding the civil rights and constitutional rights of the local Israeli community: 1) […] Since they remain excluded from the immediate administration of the state and the Christian community and cannot [therefore] fully partake in the civil rights of regular citizens [that is why] they are given along with their ability to practice their religion unhindered their own constitution for their community. […] 3) No more than fifteen Israeli marriages shall take place, however, two of them – man or woman – may be foreigners […] 4) Along with taking on the necessary legal levies and taxes which he must submit, an Israeli citizen must also show ample proof that he’s able to feed a family before given permission to marry […] 7) Israeli tradesmen are permitted to open factories and manufacturing plants of any kind equal to Christians; however, these may not interfere (place a burden) on the ability of the local [Christian] craftsmen […] No craftsman/artisan/manual worker (‘Handwerker’) may be employed by such factories and manufacturing plants, and only Christians workers may be hired with an explicit permission of the senate after the first 10 years […] 8) Israeli citizens admitted as citizens may be permitted to pursue any kind of trade, except [trade with] firewood, fruits, forage crop and flour, which does not include flour sold by authorized [Jewish] [small] flour traders/retailers. […]” [Researcher’s note: The above law contains 16 paragraphs and is several pages long. It has been abbreviated to the fit the allocated space and can be found in its entirely in the cited source.]
Geschichte der deutschen Bundesversammlung, insbesondere ihres Verhaltens zu den deutschen National-Interessen, von L. Fr. Ilse, ordentl. Professor der Staatswissenschaften an der Universität zu Marburg. Erster Band. (History of the German Federal-Assembly, especially its attitude to German national-interests, by L[eopold] Fr[iedrich] Ise, full professor of political sciences [relating to the state] at the University of Marburg. Vol. I); (Marburg; 1861); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/2/2020