Feb. 14, 1830

“Decree of the [Royal-]Court Chancellery addressed to the Moravian-Silesian local-governor (‘Landes-Gubernium’)” [Present-day Czech Republic, Germany, Poland]: “[Jews in Moravia and Silesia are permitted to own and lease dominical-leather-houses and potash-houses … however] In places where there are combined with a brandy-house, they may not be separated from each other, but may only be used as integrated parts [of the same] by one [Jewish] businessman.” [Researcher’s note: The above decree was made public on February 19, 1830.]
Fortsetzung der von Joseph Kropatschek verfaßten Sammlung der Gesetze. Herausgegeben von Wilhelm Gerhard Goutta, k. K. Hof-Secretär. (Wien; 1832); (Continuation of the collection of laws edited by Joseph Kropatschek, published by Wilhelm Gerhard Goutta, i[mperial] r[oyal] court-secretary.); (Vienna; 1832); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/5/2020