Jun. 1, 1833

“Ordinance Regarding Jewish Affairs in the Grand Duchy of Posen,” issued by the government of Prussia [Present-day Germany]: “28. The tolerated Jews may receive naturalization patents, as long as they can document the qualifications prescribed by Sections 17 and 18.” [Researcher’s note: Sections 17 and 18 of the ordinance called for a “spotless record,” using only German in public life and business, adopting a name from a list of government-sanctioned “Jew-names,” having lived in Posen since 1815, and various proofs of industry and/or wealth.]
Zander, C. (ed.). Handbuch, enthaltend die sämmtlichen Bestimmungen über die Verhältnisse der Juden im Preussischen Staate (Handbook Containing All Regulations of the Affairs of Jews in the State of Prussia). Scholtze: Leipzig, 1881. Page 104. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 3/27/2020