Nov. 28, 1834

Ordinance #126, issued by the Department of the Interior of the Grand Duchy of Posen [Present-day Germany]: “Whereas in recent years, Polish Jews have brought counterfeit coins from England into our state, all county officials and the royal police force are herewith directed to ensure that no foreign Jew, without exception, shall be given a passport to the seacoast, nor shall any such passport be stamped en route; a Prussian Jew may still qualify for a passport to the sea, if he is already well-known to be a righteous and law-abiding man.”
Kletke, M.G. (ed.). Organisation des Judenwesens im Großherzogthum Posen (Organization of Jewish Affairs in the Grand Duchy of Posen). Heymann: Berlin, 1843. Page 301. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 4/14/2020