Apr. 15, 1837

“Regulations” issued by Johann Duke/Elector of Saxe-Weimar* [Duchy of Saxe-Weimar; Present-day Germany]: “1) The permission for Jews to reside in this land is continuously to be limited to the cities of Dresden and Leipzig in the future as well, and it is not to be extended to other areas/places (‘Orte’). […] 2) […] b) The resettlement of a Jew from one area (in the land) to another requires the permission of Our Ministry of the Interior, except in cases when a Jewish woman gets married outside of her current place of residence. […] 3) […] this [exception] does not apply to marriages between a foreign Jewess and a local/native Jews […] the settlement of a foreign Jewess in Saxony by marriage to a local Jew also requires the permission of Our Ministry of the Interior. […] 6) a) after further consideration […] Jews are still to be excluded from these two – not yet mentioned […] – professions, and those are: the book trade and brandy distillation.  The first one, because experience […] has shown that the Jews show a tendency – when they choose this profession – […] to only have profits in mind […] and do not take into consideration the great influence books can have on the moral state of people and the evil that can be spread through pernicious writings, or the kind of damage they can cause writers and other book traders through – for example – copying/reprinting […]” [Researcher’s note: *This regulation was issued by Johann, Duke/Elector of Saxony together with Albert von Carlowitz; D. Carl Friedrich Günther; Christian Friedrich Wehner; Paul August Ritterstädt (Speaker) – the “first deputation of the first chamber.” The above text consists of eight sections with various sub-sections and has been abbreviated to fit the allocated space.]
Landtags-Acten von den Jahren 1836-1837. Beilagen zu den Protocollen der ersten Kammer. Erste Sammlung (Parliamentary Files of the Years 1836-1837. Supplements for the Protocols of the First Chamber, First Collection/Volume I); (Dresden); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/21/2018