May 31, 1842

“Ordinance and announcements applicable to the government of Potsdam only” issued by the Prussian government [Present-day Germany, Poland, Lithuania; Kingdom of Prussia]: “Since the rights of Jews outlined in the edict of March 11, 1812, are to be only applied to the provinces which were part of the Prussian monarchy at the time of the publication […] and that per the order of the royal Ministry of the Interior from September 19, 1820 […] the moving/resettling of Jews from one province to another was determined to be unpermissible. We wish to renew this prohibition and tighten it again, which is why we determine according to §11 of the government-instruction of October 23, 1817, and the rescript of the Royal Ministry of the Interior from May 11 [of the same year …] that the citizens in these districts (‘Departments’) who admit/take on a Jew without permission are to be police-fined 5 Thlrn [Thalern] for violating this prohibition which is to be determined by the police-authorities as per the ordinance of May 23, 1830. The appropriate offices and citizens are to adhere to these regulations.”
Amts-Blatt der Königlichen Regierung zu Potsdam und der Stadt Berlin. Jahrgang 1842. (Official paper/gazette of the royal government of Potsdam and the city of Berlin. Annual issue of 1842); (Potsdam; 1842); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/3/2020