Aug. 13, 1844

Decree, issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Württemberg [Present-day Germany]: “After the Ministry of Justice had been informed of several real estate sales by Israelites that were court-approved, even though the legal requirements detailed in the law of April 25, 1828, had not been met, the Ministry ordered, by decree of August 7, that the municipal offices be informed of their right and responsibility to disapprove such sales. Likewise, the county government offices, as well, are hereby ordered to instruct their police departments to notify the appropriate court authorities of any presumably unlawful real estate sale by Israelites, so that the court may intervene against the contravention in a timely manner, by refusing to approve the sale.”

Mayer, F.F. (ed.). Sammlung der württembergischen Gesetze in Betreff der Israeliten (Collection of Württembergian Laws Regarding the Israelites). Fues: Tübingen, 1847. Page 198. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/20/2020