Apr. 15, 1845

Ukase, issued by Nicholas I, Emperor of Russia [Present-day Russia]: “It is hereby ordered, that the Jews shall discard their peculiar garb (a patchwork of old Spanish, Polish and Turkish costumes), and adopt a European or Russian style of dress.” [Researcher’s notes: 1. This edict was meant to include sidelocks (“payot”), but not beards, as many Russian non-Jews wore beards, too. 2. A ukase, or ukaz (Russian for “imposition”), in Imperial Russia, was a proclamation of the tsar, government, or a religious leader (patriarch) that had the force of law. “Edict” and “decree” are adequate translations using the terminology and concepts of Roman law.]
Pinner, M. Offenes Sendschreiben an die Nationen Europa’s und an die Stände Norwegen’s. Enthaltend: A. Die politische Stellung der Juden in allen Staaten seit den ältesten Zeiten bis jetzt. B. Hauptgrundsätze des Talmud. (Open Letter to the Nations of Europe and to the Estates of Norway. Containing: A. The Political Station of Jews in all States, from Oldest Times Until Now. B. Main Principles of the Talmud). M. Pinner: Berlin, 1848. Page 164. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 5/4/2020