Apr. 11, 1933

“First Decree with Reference to the Law for the Restoration of Regular Civil Service” issued by Third Reich [Germany]: “To Paragraph 3 of the above law: ‘1. Non-Aryan descent means descent from non-Aryan, and especially Jewish, parents or grandparents, even though only one of the parents or grandparents was of the Jewish religion. 2. If a civil servant was not already a civil servant on the 1st of August, 1914, he must prove that he is of Aryan descent, or that he fought at the Front in the War, or that he is the son or the father of a man killed during the War…3. If the Aryan descent is doubtful, an opinion must be requested from the authority on race questions (Sachverstaendiger fuer Rasseforschung) of the Ministry of the Interior.’ No exception is granted to sons of War combatants in general. Only if the father was killed may the son be a civil servant.”
“The Jews in Nazi Germany: The Factual Record of their Persecution by the National Socialist.” The American Jewish Committee; Online excerpt (1933) p. 2