ca. 1934

“Education Law of 1934” Issued by the Ministry of Education [Latvia] [Unconfirmed]

Commentary from other sources:
1) “…Jewish autonomy in schools was terminated under the Education Law of 12 July 1934, with all the schools in Latvia being placed under State control. Of the 122 Jewish schools that had existed in 1932, only 77 remained in 1939.”
Petersen, Hans-Christain: Antisemitism in Eastern Europe: History and Present in Comparison. (2010); p. 122

2) ” … the new Education Law (Ministry of Education 1934) limited the possibilities of opening and maintaining minority schools by raising the number of children necessary for the minority school to function from 30 to 80 students.”
Silova, Iveta: From Sites of Occupation to Symbols of Multiculturalism: Reconceptualizing Minority Education in Post-Soviet Latvia. (2006), p. 30