Dec. 3, 1938

“Order Concerning the Utilization of Jewish Property” issued by Reich Minister of Economic Affairs [Germany]: “Order concerning the Utilization of Jewish Property of 3 December 1938…Article 1 The owner of a Jewish industrial enterprise…may be ordered to sell or liquidate the enterprise within a definite time. Certain conditions may be stipulated in the order. …Article 6 A Jew…may be ordered to sell wholly or partly his land or forest enterprise, his other land or forest properties, his other real estate or other properties within a definite time…Article 7 1. Jews cannot legally acquire real estate and mortgages…3. At the foreclosure of real estate, the court ordering such sale must reject bids if there is reason to suspect that the bidder is a Jew… Article 8 1. Jews require authorization to dispose of real estate and mortgages. …Article 10 1. If a Jew sells a piece of land which is situated within the confines of Berlin, the Reich Capital Berlin has a right of pre-emption …Article 11 1. Within a week after this decree goes into effect, Jews must deposit all their stocks, shares in mines, bonds, and similar securities at a foreign exchange bank. …Article 12 The disposing of securities deposited as Jewish, as well as the release of such securities require the consent of the Reich Minister of economics or an authority named by him… Jews are forbidden to acquire, pawn or sell objects of gold, platinum or silver as well as precious stones and pearls …Berlin, 3 December 1938 Reich Minister of Economic Affairs Walter Funk Reich Minister of Interior Frick.”
“Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV Document No. 1409-PS.” No author, Accessed online at 9/7/2011