ca. 1940

Order issued by Chief of Military Administration [Germany / Occupied France] [Unconfirmed]

Commentary from other sources:
1) “By an order of the Chief of Military Administration in France of October 18, 1940, Jewish property had to be declared and, it if was of some value, especially if it was real property, it could be put under the administration of trustees appointed by the occupant, which practically amounts to confiscation since the owner is not entitled to any allowances from property thus administered.”
Lemkin, Raphael: “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe: Laws of Occupation, Analysis of Government, Proposals for Redress.” p. 76

2) “On 18 October  [1940] a new decree ordered the registration of all Jewish concerns, and on 12 December ‘Aryan’ commisars in charge of them, were appointed.”
Vale, Robert: “Civil Affairs Handbook, France, Section 2A.”; p. 62