ca. 1941

Law issued by Prime Minister Ion Antonescu [Romania] [Provisional]: “General Staff Division II of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Cabinet of Military) I have the honor to make known: By employing Jews to work for universal use, they can make contact with people in our villages, where they try to make Communist propaganda or – corruption – to get certain benefits, or to infect them with diseases. …It is therefore read as follows: …that Romanian Jews to live in houses, – the Jews accommodation will be done outside the towns. To this end will build huts or barracks immediately. …General Staff General, N. Mazan Head of Section II of Lt. Colonel, R. Dinulescu VI. Copy N. 37 721 1941 months XI on 13.”
“Legi rasiale in regimul Ion Antonescu. Munca Obsteasca obligatory Arhivele Sfera Politicii.” [Laws racial regime of Ion Antonescu. Policy Scope Archives obligatory public organization work] Alexandru Florian, Accessed online 8/8/2012