Aug. 1, 1941

Act XV of 1941 (Third Hungarian Jewish Law) issued by Hungarian Government about the Amendment of Act XXXI of 1894 about Marital Law and about Related and Necessary Regulations To Protect Ratial Purity [Hungary]: “Part IV. Ban on marriages between Gentiles and Jews. Section 9  Marriages between gentiles and Jews shall be strictly forbidden. Marriages between Jewish ladies and gentiles who are foreign nationals and shall not be subject to the ban set forth herein. For the purposes of this Act Jews shall be defined as persons with at least two Jewish grandparents who were borne as members of the Israelite religion. Furthermore, persons – regardless of their descent – who are members of the Israelite religion themselves shall be classed as being Jewish. … The scope of provisions set forth in the previous paragraph hereof shall be extended to children born out of wedlock, provided that the natural fathers of such children acknowledge their fatherhood in the presence of a notary public, or in a certified and notarized document, or if parenthood was established by a court of law. … Section 10 Marriages concluded in violation of the provisions of section 9 herein shall be regarded as deceitful and the validity of such marriages may be challenged in a court of law, provided that such deceit comprises the concealment, or the misrepresentation of the truth that is of material importance for the determination of the marital status of a member of the married couple for the purposes of section 9 hereof and such deceit was deliberately caused by the other member of the married couple, or the other member of the married couple was aware of deceit that was deliberately caused by a third person. The provisions of Act XXXI of 1894 relating to challenging the validity of marriages shall be applicable in such cases as well. Section 14. Hungarian non-Jews who marry Jews. Jews who marry Hungarian non-Jews ….  in violation of the provisions of section 9 herein shall be be deemed to have committed a criminal act and shall be punishable with a prison sentence up to 5 years, the loss of their employment in public administration and with the suspension of their political rights.”
Courtesy: Parliamentary Library – Public Services Department, Budapest; Received and Translated by Sandor Mesterhazy,, 4/19/2015