Sept. 7, 1941

Order issued by Prime Minister Ion Antonescu [Romania]: “(1) The operation to evacuate the Jews must begin on September 12 with the Vertujeni camp toward Cosauti and Rezina, pursuant to directives from the Chisinau Gendarme Inspectorate. (2) Groups of not more than 1,600, including children, will cross the Dniester at a rate not exceeding 800 per day. (3) Forty to fifty carts should comprise each group…. (9) The territorial station gendarmes will help cleanse the land [i.e., of Jews] and bury the dead with the help of locals. (10) The way to handle those who do not submit… Alexianu [Code word for execution] (11) Do not take the prisoners through customs. Those who loot will be executed.”
“4. Transit Camps and Ghettos, Deportations, and Other Mass Murders; The Deportations from Bessarabia and Bukovina.” No author, Accessed online article at 9/7/2011