ca. 1942

[Possible/Probable] Law issued by Bulgarian government [Germany / Occupied Bulgaria]

Commentary from other sources:
1) “In August 1942, the Bulgarian government established a Commissariat for Jewish Affairs with the objective of expelling the Jews of Bulgaria and confiscating their property. The ultimate aim of the commissariat, however, was not only for the Jews to finance the cost of implementing the Law for the Protection of the Nation but also to prepare them for shouldering the cost of deportation to the death camps in Poland.”

“Bulgaria and the Holocaust.”

2) “August 25, 1942…The establishment of a Commissariat for Jewish Affairs in Belgium along the same lines as in France and Rumania is demanded by the anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi Rexist Party in Brussels, Nazi-controlled Belgian newspapers reaching here today report. ‘Such an apparatus to deal with the Jews in Belgium is needed, because the Jews are endeavoring by all means to evade the existing anti-Jewish regulations and their activities, therefore, must be put under more stringent control,’ one of the Rexist papers writes. Other Belgian papers predict that the Nazi occupational authorities will soon announce measures in Belgium ordering the Jews to “productive work” which is interpreted here to mean that they will be sent to forced labor either in Belgian mines or in eastern territories occupied by the German army.”
“Rexists Demand Establishment of Commissariat for Jewish Affairs in Belgium.”