Welcome to OAJA.org, the home of the Official Anti-Jewish Acts Project. The Project began in 2011 with the goal to find, confirm, and post in English, a compendium of extant Official Anti-Jewish Acts since the start of recorded history. We chose only Official Acts, because they are verifiable.

The Acts listed here include:

  • More than 2500 Official Anti-Jewish Acts verified by reliable historical sources, including a precise date
  • Approximately 200 Official Anti-Jewish Acts whose precise date is not yet confirmed

More than 500 provisional Official Anti-Jewish Acts, awaiting confirmation in a reliable historical source

The earliest Confirmed Act we have found is dated 315 A.D. in the Roman Empire; the earliest Probable Act is 41 A.D. in the Roman Empire; the most recent Confirmed Act was in 1969 in Libya.

As this project continues, additional Official Anti-Jewish Acts will be found, translated and posted.

NOTE: The OAJA project is looking for a permanent home with an organization with resources and the commitment to carry this work to its next level. We are also looking for Researchers anywhere in the world to help compile Acts.