Welcome to the World’s Largest Accumulation of Sourced Official Anti-Jewish Acts (OAJA).


Such Acts are defined as Laws that were anti-Jewish on their face (and sometimes against other groups as well), and were passed or declared by officials, such as governments, militaries and churches, proclamations, church canons, bulls, patents, ordinances, and final court decisions (such as those on the level of a country’s Supreme Court).

The earliest Confirmed Act we have found so far is dated 10/18/315 in the Roman Empire on Jews converting to Christianity issued by Emperor Constantine to Evagrius, and the most recent Confirmed Act is the 2/14/1968 Iraqi law restricting certain property and financial transactions of Jews.

Additional Official Anti-Jewish Acts are being added from time-to-time, as they are found, translated, and formatted.

This site also contains Possible/Probable OAJA Acts in red, for future research or context.


NOTE: The OAJA project is looking for a permanent home with a recognized and financially sound organization with the commitment to locate and add Acts for scholars, historians and others.



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