ca. 85

“Special Taxation of Jews” (“Fiscus Judaicus”) issued by Emperor Domitian [Roman Empire; Present-day Italy] [Unconfirmed]

Commentary from other sources:
1) “All Jews in the Roman Empire had to pay a heavy tax under Domitian.”
Real-Encyclopädie für Bibel und Talmud. Ausgearbeitet von Dr. J. Hamburger (“Real-Encyclopedia for the Bible and Talmud” prepared by Dr. J. Hamburger”); (Strelitz; 1883)

2) With respect to the fiscus Judaicus, this relatively early date is corroborated by the use of the me adulescentumlum by Suetonius when speaking about his being present at the court of the procurator. In another passage he refers to himself as adulescens in the year 88, so he would have been adulescentulus a few years earlier and this indicates a date close to 85 and certainly no later than 88.
Heemstra, Marius: Fiscus Judaicus and the Parting of Ways. (Tübingen, 2010)