ca. Nov. 10, 41 (terminus ante quem)

“Edict” of Emperor Claudius to Alexandrians [Roman Empire; Present-day Italy]: “[…] and on the other hand, I explicitly order the Jews not to agitate for more privileges than they formerly possessed, and not in the future to send out a separate embassy as though they lived in a separate city (a thing unprecedented), and not to force their way into gymnasiarchic or cosmetic games, while enjoying their own privileges and sharing a great abundance of the advantages in a city not their own, and not to bring in or admit Jews who come down the river from Egypt or from Syria, a proceedings which will compel me to conceive serious suspicions. Otherwise I will by all means take vengeance on them as fomenters of which is a general plague infecting the whole world. […]” [Researcher’s note: This letter of Claudius is written on the verso of a long roll, whose recto bears the text of a tax register and turned up in the Fayum, Philadelphia.]
Loeb Classical Library; Select Papyri II; ed. A. S. Hunt and G. C. Edgar; (1934); Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 2/10/2018