ca. 306 C.E.

Canon 16, 49, 50, & 78 by the Synod of Elvira [Present-day Spain] [Provisional]: “…Can. 16. Heretics shall not be joined in marriage with Catholic girls unless they accept the Catholic faith. Catholic girls may not marry Jews or heretics, because they cannot find a unity when the faithful and the unfaithful are joined. Parents who allow this to happen shall not commune for five years…Can. 49. Landlords are not to allow Jews to bless the crops they have received from God and for which they have offered thanks. Such an action would make our blessing invalid and meaningless.  Anyone who continues this practice is to be expelled completely from the church…Can. 50. If any of the clergy of the Faithful eats with Jews, he shall be kept from communion in order that he be corrected as he should…Can. 78. If a Christian confesses adultery with a Jewish or pagan woman, he is denied communion for some time. If his sin is exposed by someone else, he must complete five years’ penance before receiving the Sunday communion.”
“A History of the Christian councils: Book II; Chapter III. Sec. 13. Synod of Elvira.” Karl Joseph von Hefele. Online book, Accessed 7/11/2011

Note: Meigne argues that the Council of Elvira issued only the first 21 canons; the other canons were added to the “collection” probably taken from other Iberian councils. There is a dissertation that could shed some light on this: Eckhard Reichert: Die Canones der Synode von Elvira. Einleitung und Kommentar. Hamburg 1990 (Hamburg, Univ., Diss., 1988). Research continued by Ziba Shadjaani 10/25/2015