Aug. 13, 339 C.E.

Law issued by Constantius II [Present-day Italy]: “If any Jew has obtained a slave of another sect or national group than his own, the slave shall at once be confiscated to the public fisc: furthermore if he has circumcised the slave after buying him, then not only shall he suffer the confiscation of the slave, but also he shall meet capital punishment. But if the Jew has purchased slaves known to be of the holy faith, then all the goods found in his possession shall be taken from him at once, and no delay shall be interposed in depriving him of the possession of those men who are Christians.” [Editor’s note: Author’s footnote dates this law in 339 as Theodosian code 16.9.2]
“The Persecution of the Jews in the Roman Empire (300-428).” James Everett Seaver. 1952, Page 32; Accessed online 8/2/2011