Mar. 1, 363

Public Declaration written by Emperor Julian, addressed to all the Jews, 363 AD [Roman Empire; Some overall present-day countries include Italy, Spain, England, France, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt]: “…you shall make even greater supplication for my reign to God, the mightiest of all, the creator, who found me worthy to be crowned with his immaculate right hand. For it is natural that those who are visited by some care are preoccupied and do not have even the courage to raise their hands in prayer, while those that are entirely free from any care shall—rejoicing with their whole heart—perform the supplication-service for my Imperial authority to the greatest, in whose power it is to direct my reign for the best, according to my purpose.”
Julian, Epistulae, 51, Researched and Translated by Joan Paez 12/13/2015