ca. 400 C.E.

Canon 16, Council of Gangra [Roman Empire; Some overall present-day countries include Italy, Spain, England, France, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt] [Provisional]: “If, under any pretence of piety, any children (Jewish) shall forsake their parents … if they are Christian, and shall stop revering their parents, because they claim that they honor their Jewish piety more than their parents, let them be anathema.” [Researcher’s note: The commentators of this canon all refer here to St. Matthew xv., where the Lord speaks of the subterfuge by which the Jews under pretext of piety, defrauded their parents and ignored the law.]
Migne, P.L, vol. 67, Col. 56, Researched and Translated by Joan Paez 1/29/2016