Apr. 11, 506

Decree from the Roman Law of the Visigoths issued by Alaric II [Present-day France]: “[Section 16:4:2 decreed] A Jew should not buy a Christian slave nor acquire him in a gift. If anyone should not observe this, he shall forfeit the ownership impudently acquired, while the slave shall be granted liberty as reward if he should willingly cause the deed to be publicly known. The others, however, who partake in the right religion and are held under the rule of the nefarious superstition, which appears to have acquired them in the past or will acquire them hereafter, in inheritance or in fideicommissum, shall be possessed by it on this condition, that it should not corrupt them with the filth of its proper sect to their will or against their will. If this rule should be violated, therefore, the instigators of such a crime shall be punished by capital punishment as well as by confiscation. Given on the fourth day before the ides of April…”
Linder, Amnon: “The Jews in the Legal Sources of the Early Middle Ages.” Page 226