ca. Jul. 527

[Possible/Probable] “The Legal Status of Jews and Samaritans and Pagans” Issued by Emperors Justin and Justinian [Byzantine Empire / Present-day Turkey, Italy] [Provisional]: “Emperors Justin and Justinian, Between April and July 527…As for the other heretics, …the Jews and the Samaritans, we intend not only that what was already laid down in the laws shall be recalled and made firmer through this present law…We order, therefore, that none of the above-mentioned shall share in any honor whatsoever, nor shall put on an official belt, neither civil nor military, nor belong to any office …”
“Roman Imperial Laws concerning Jews (329-553); 35. The Legal Status of Jews and Samaritans and Pagans.” No Author, Accessed online 9/14/2011