ca. 616

[Possible/Probable] Order issued by King Sisebut [Spain]

Commentary from other sources:
1) “The refusal of a majority of Jews to convert angered Sisebut, who  issued a new order in 616 ordering Jews to convert or leave the kingdom; failure to make this decision was punishable by death. Large numbers of Jews, unable to afford to leave or unwilling to uproot their families, underwent the forced conversion and became Conversos, Jews converted to Christianity.”

Michael C. Thomsett: “The Inquisition: A History.” (2010) p. 118

2) “When King Sisebut (or Sisibot) occupied the throne, there was a prevalence of the utmost religious fanaticism.  In 616 A.D. the big shock came; the king ordered the baptism of all the Jews in his domain, under the penalty of expulsion and the loss of all their property.”
Rudolph R. Windsor: “From Babylon to Timbuktu: History of Black Races Including the…” (2011) p. 86