Jan. 9, 638 C.E.

Canon 3 issued by the Sixth Council of Toledo [Spain]: “The inflexible treachery of the Jews has by piety and diving grace been overcome; for inspired by the Most High God, our most excellent and Christian prince, inflamed with ardour for the faith, together with the clergy of his kingdom, has resolved to destroy their prevarication and superstition to the utmost, by not permitting the residence of any person in the land who is not a Catholic. For which zeal we give thanks to the Almighty King of heaven, that He has created so illustrious a soul, and endued it with His wisdom. May he grant him a long life in this world, and everlasting glory in the future. We therefore now decree, and confirm what has hitherto been enacted in general synod respecting the Jews, seeing that all requisite for their salvation has been done with circumspection. We now declare all such edicts to be valid. We hereby deliberately resolve, that whoever in future shall obtain the sovereignty, shall not ascend the throne before he has sworn not to permit the Jews to infringe this holy faith, and in no wise to be seduced, either through neglect or cupidity to favor their perfidy.”
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