Dec. 16, 653 C.E.

Order issued by the Eight Council of Toledo [Spain]: “…XIIII…By suggesting that the most glorious in the council to insert in the canons of our Lord commanded that the Jews are not allowed to have Christian wives, concubines or even, nor a Christian slave compare to their own use. …The Christians also forbid the marriages of the Jews mingled one with another. …Also, Christian groups forbid the Jews, in which it may have been proven to be contumatia Annals of excommunication…Because of the kings of God’s favor of Catholics under the domination of the Jews from the stand in the second day of the week as far as the Lord’s Supper in the Passover, that is to proceed in the same four days among Christians, and Catholics, the people are presumed not to mix himself with any place or on the occasion of any kind…” [Editor’s note: Original webpage is in Latin, Google translation was used on 9/14/2011 to change text to English.]
“Synodus Toletana Octava.” No Author. March 2008, Accessed online 9/14/2011