Mar. 1, 654

The Visigothic Code, Book 12, Title 2 issued by King Reccaswinth [Visigothic Kingdom; Present-day Spain, France]: “[…] 5) No Jew shall celebrate the Passover upon the fourteenth day of the month, nor shall perform any of the ceremonies customary at such times. Nor shall any Jew, in honor of this ancient, erroneous belief, observe any festival days, great or small; or attempt their observance; or desist from labor upon any holidays; or hereafter keep the Sabbath, or any other sacred days prescribed by this rites, or attempt to do so. Anyone detected violating this law shall be liable to the condemnation and penalty prescribed for the same. 7) No Jew shall circumcise another; nor shall a person who has permitted himself to be circumcised be exempt from the operation of the law. No slave, freeborn person, or freedman, native or foreigner, shall practice or submit to this detestable operation. Whoever is proved to have voluntarily performed, or submitted to it, shall be punished with the utmost severity of the law. 8) […] Therefore, no Jew shall make a distinction between food which is clean and unclean, as established by the customs and traditions of his ancient rites. No one shall perversely refuse to eat food of any kind, whose condition is proved to be good. No one shall reject one article of food, and accept another, unless the distinction be such as considered salutary and proper by all Christians. Anyone detected in violation of this law be subjected to the punishment instituted for the same. 10) No Jew shall Testify Against a Christian; and Under what Circumstances the Descendants of Jews may Testify: If he who is convicted of having uttered a falsehood becomes infamous in the sight of all men, with how much more reason should he be excluded from giving testimony who denies the truth of the Divine Faith? Jews, whether baptized or non-baptized, are therefore forbidden to testify against Christians. 12) Concerning the Penalties to be Inflicted for Offences Committed by Jews:  The following law is derived from others of great severity, which have been enacted to punish the perfidy of the Jews; and it is herby decreed that whoever attempts to commit any of the crimes prohibited by former laws, or contained in any amendments to the same, or presumes to act in defiance of said laws, shall be either stoned to death, or burned by such of his own countrymen as may have entered into an agreement to do so. However, if the king, in his mercy should decide to spare the life of such a criminal, he shall be delivered up as a slave to whomever the king may select, and all his property shall be given to others; and this shall be done in such a way that the culprit can never come into possession of his property again, or recover his liberty in the future.”
Pearson Scott, Samuel: The Visigothic Code (Forum Judicum); (Boston); p. 364 pp, Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 11/1/2016