ca. 669

“Liber Poeintentialis” of Archbishop Theodore of Canterbury [England] [Provisional]: “16) If the Christians speak with the faithless Jews and accept their gifts with pleasure, and whore around with them, … he who has done so, is to be separated from the church for a whole year, or with a graver offence, for nice years of penance. […] 30) if anyone celebrates the feast of Passover with the Jews, he should be expelled from every church. 52) And if a Christian accepts unleavened bread from a faithless Jew, he is to repent 40 days with bread and water […]”
Ancient Laws and Institutes of England (Ancient Latin Version of the Anglo-Saxon Laws); Volume II; Printed by the Command of His Late Majesty King William IV.; Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 11/5/2016