Jan. 27, 681

Canon 9 issued by the Twelfth Council of Toledo [Spain]: “…‘That Jews shall not abstain themselves, nor withhold their children or slaves from baptism.’ ‘That Jews shall not celebrate the Passover as accustomed, nor practice circumcision, nor dissuade any one from the Christian faith.’ ‘That Jews shall not presume to observe the Sabbath, or any festival of their Religion.’ ‘That Jews shall not read book abhorred by the Christian faith.’ ‘That no Christian slave shall belong to Jews.’ ‘If a Jew declares himself to be a Christian, and on that account refuses to give up a slave.’ ‘Every Jew on embracing the faith to deliver his profession in writing.’ ‘The conditions Jews are to swear to, on renouncing Judaism for the faith.’ ‘Concerning Christian slaves of Jews not declared to be Christians, and respecting those who shall denounce them.’ ‘No Jew shall dare to govern, strike, or arrest any Christian in virtue of any authority, except by royal ordinance.’ ‘That unconverted slaves of Jews receiving the Christian faith shall receive their freedom.’ ‘That Jews shall not presume on the authority of land proprietors or others, to govern a Christian family, and the penalties to be inflicted on those that give them such authority.’ …”
“True Barbarians?: The Role of the Visigothic Iberia in Medieval Persecutory Discourse.” Justin T. Dellinger. May 2010, Page 115-117. Online paper, Accessed on 7/11/2011