May 2, 693

Canon 1 issued by the Sixteenth Council of Toledo [Spain]: “ ‘Notwithstanding many writers of the ancient fathers, and promulgated laws extant, condemning the false belief of the Jews, …they still persevere in the blindness of their obstinacy on a yet harder rock. …that either they be converted to the faith, or if adhering to their infidelity be more severely treated, …Namely, That all those who shall be sincerely converted, and without subterfuge faithfully keep the Catholic faith, shall remain secure in their possessions and property, and exempt from every tax they have been accustomed to pay to our sacred treasury; but such as continue in their infidelity shall pay the full amount of their customary taxation for the public benefit. …’”
“True Barbarians? : The Role of Visigothic Iberia in Medieval Persecutory Discourse.” Justin T. Dellinger. May 2010, Page 117-118. Online paper, Accessed 8/30/2011