Nov. 9, 694

Canon 8 issued by the Seventeenth Council of Toledo [Spain]: “… and whatever duty to the public funds those Jews are known to have paid till now, their aforementioned slaves executed by our prince shall be obliged to pay in full without any excuse. Finally, those who will be granted these Jews by our oft-mentioned lord should take a written oath in the name of his Glory, that they shall not permit them in any way to celebrate or to observe the ceremonies of their rites or to follow any of the ways of their ancestral perfidy. We also resolve that their children of both sexes, from the age of seven years, should not dwell with their parents or have any association with them but that the masters who will receive them should hand them to very faithful Christians to be raised by them, in such a way that males should be married to Christian women and women, similarly, given in marriage to Christian men; and there should be absolutely no permission for the parents (as we have said), nor for their children, to preserve the ceremonies of the Jewish superstition or to follow the ways of their infidelity on any occasion whatsoever.”
Linder, Amnon: “The Jews in the Legal Sources of the Early Middle Ages.” Page 537-538