ca. 884

Law issued by Basil I [Present-day Italy] [Unconfirmed]

Commentary from other sources:
1) “884 BASIL I (Byzantine Empire) In his legal manual Epanagoge he reinforced the law prohibiting Jews from holding any civil or military office.”
Birnbaum, Eli: “The History of the Jewish People.” (1996-2006)

2) “The Epanagoge [. .  .] which was planned as an introduction to the proposed great collection of the laws, belongs to the period after 879.2  [Footnote:] Zacharia, Geschichte, takes the view that the Epanagoge was never officially published, and he is followed by Vogt, Basile I, 135, and P. Collinett, CMH IV (1924), 712; the official character of the Epanagoge is defended with arguments well worth considering by V. Sokoljskij ([. . .] On the character and significance of the Epanagoge), VV I (1894), 18 ff [. . .] In any case, the Epanagoge never enjoyed the position and widespread usage of the Procheiron, and [. . .] it was never completely translated into Slavonic.)”
Ostrogorski, Georgije: “History  of the Byzantine State.” pp. 240-41