ca. 1050 C.E.

Capitulary 6 issued by Council of Oviedo [Spain] [Provisional]: “Under the sixth heading we admonish all Christians to assemble in church on Sabbath evening and to hear Sunday matins, masses, and all the hours; that they should not carry out servile work or go on the road except for purpose of prayer, or to bury the dead, or to visit the sick, or for the king’s secret, or because of a Saracens’ attack. No Christian should stay with Jews in the same house or take food with them. If anyone should violate this law of ours, he shall do penance seven days. If he should refuse to do penance, if a senior person, he shall be denied communion for a whole year, if a minor person, he shall receive one hundred lashes.”
Linder, Amnon: The Jews in the Legal Sources of the Early Middle Ages.” Page 558