Sept. 13, 1084

Jew-Privilege, issued by Rüdiger Hausmann, Bishop of Speyer [Present-day Germany]: ”Art. 1 – I, Rüdiger, in order to keep the lesser sheep from the insolence of the masses, have given the Jews a separate place to live, surrounded by a wall; this they are to reward with an annual payment of three and a half pounds in the currency of Speyer, for the use of the monastery. […] Art. 8 – [Only] slaughtered meat which the Jews look upon as unlawful according to their own law, the Jews may sell to Christians, and Christians are allowed to buy it.”
Altmann, Wilhelm & Bernheim, Ernst. Ausgewählte Urkunden zur Erläuterung der Verfassungsgeschichte Deutschlands im Mittelalter (Selected Documents to Illustrate the Constitutional History of Germany During the Middle Ages). Gaertner: Berlin, 1895. Page 143. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/18/2020