May 20, 1092

Synod of Szabolcs Established by the Hungarian National Synod by King Saint Laszlo the 1st, (Reigned from 1077 to 1095) [Hungary]: “#10. If the Jews wanted to choose a wife among of christians, or they would keep a christian housemaid, they have to get their freedom back, whomever have sold her, the selling price must be taken away from them and it would be given to the bishop. #26. If a Jew would be found working on Sunday or on any other major holiday, to make sure of christianity would not be ashamed, any tools, that he or she (the jew) was working with, would be taken away.” [Editor’s note: Synod: a group of church leaders who are in charge of making decisions and laws in a formal meeting, related to the church; an ecclesiastical governing or advisory council.]
Hungarian Catholic Lexicon, published by Peter Pazmany Catholic University, Hungary, Researched and Translated by David King 12/8/2015 ADD PAGE #