Apr. 6, 1157

“Privilege for the Jews of Worms and Other Members” (“Judeis de Wormacla et ceteris sodlibus”) issued by Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich Barbrossa [Present-day Germany]: “[…] We proclaim […] since we care for all the Jews who are in Our kingdom […] and are Our prerogative and belong to the imperial chamber […that they] are part of Our Chamber’s Affairs (‘ad cameram nostram attineat’) […] Their inherited movable and immovable belongings are to be protected […] Jews are permitted to exchange money anywhere in the city except in front of the Mint (Coin House) and other exchange facilities […] They are permitted to trade freely in all of the empire without having to pay a toll […] they are to be freed from billeting and [other] services of the royal army/warefare […] If stolen items are to be found in their possession, they must disclose the amount which they have paid for it under oath […] the original owner of the item can get back his property from the Jew by paying this amount […] The forced baptism of Jewish children is strictly prohibited and will be punished severely; if however, a Jew wishes to be baptized voluntarily, he must wait (delay this) for three days […] when converting to the Christian faith, he loses the right to his inheritance […] If someone takes away a Jew’s pagan servants under the pretext of wanting to [baptize] them, he should be punished and the servants returned to the Jew. […] Jews are permitted to keep/have Christian maids and wet-nurses and they may hire Christian employees […] however, they are prohibited from purchasing servants.  […]”
Appelt, von Heinrich: Die Urkunden Friedrichs I., Teil 1: 1152-1158 (The Official Documents of Fredrick I., Part 1: 1152-1158); (Hannover; 1975); Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 2/10/2018